3 Creative Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Job Seekers

1.   Create Content!

Did you know that out of 500 million users on LinkedIn only 3 million users share content on a weekly basis? This means that less than 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 million monthly users, share regular content. So, if you’re a job seeker looking to stand out from her inactive counterparts, try creating valuable content around the industry that you’re looking to break into. Not only will this position you as a SME but will open the door to a plethora of networking opportunities.

2.   Request Informational Meetings

Once you’ve started creating regular content on LinkedIn and have made a few amazing connections, why not request an informational meeting? This is a great way to learn more about an opportunity you’re interested in and quite possibly rub elbows with the decision makers at a company. Traditionally, informational meetings are not an opportunity to request an interview but a chance to learn more about a person’s career path and glean from their experience.

3.   Create a Video Cover Letter

Remember that little stat about their being less than 1% of active users creating content? Well, there’s even less creating video content. Why not create a video outlining your skill set, interests and what you bring to the table? You can include this video in your LinkedIn bio and send it off with your resume when you apply for jobs. I’m actually working with a freelance videographer to test the video cover letter idea with a few lucky job seekers in Austin, TX. If you’re in the area and interested reach out!

It was around this time last year that I was laid off from my job. I was devastated. I know how difficult it can be to pick yourself back and keep going. If this your case, be kind to yourself and know that you have a great skill set and that there are employers out there who would be lucky to have! The job search is not for the faint of heart and takes patience, persistence and sometimes a career coach to hold you accountable and position you for your ideal career preferences!


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