5 Tips for Job Searching at Home During the Coronavirus

1.    Revamp Your Resume

Eighty percent of the resumes I come across daily are not ATS optimized. As a recruiter, if I can’t tell what you do or how you’d make a great candidate, in the top third of your resume, then your resume needs updating. Think of your resume as your work-life story condensed into 1 – 2 pages. The key to a winning resume is providing relevant details and not every single detail. Not sure how many years of experience to include? If you’re a more experienced professional, you’ll want to include 10 – 15 year of experience. If you’re a recent grad it’s appropriate to include relevant unpaid experiences such as volunteer or internship experience. 

2.   Start Social Networking 

During these times of ‘social distancing’ being active on relevant social media channels is now more important than ever. If you’re reading this than your part of the worlds largest professional network with over 650 million members. While there are millions of members on LinkedIn surprisingly just over 1% of active users share content on a weekly basis. This is your opportunity to shine! While working from home take 15 – 30 minutes out of your day to create relevant and engaging content around your expertise. You never know a job just might find you!

3.   Create a Video Resume

Consider creating an “About Me” style video resume and include it on your LinkedIn profile. While job searching during the coronavirus, virtual communication is critical in getting seen by decision makers who are vetting candidates from the comfort of their home. A video resume is a great way to deliver a powerful message and create a lasting impression without having to meet in-person and share your germs. After the virus has passed you can continue to find many uses for your new video bio. DM to learn more about how to make one use your phone or laptop camera.

4.   Polish Your Phone Interview Skills

Historically, phone interviews have been used as an initial screening step during the recruiting process. After which, you might receive a follow up invite to let your talent and personality shine during an in-person interview. However, with many organizations closing their doors to in-office work you’ll need to shine over the phone and online. Recruiters will be holding more phone and online interviews, and you’ll want to be sure to amp your telecommunication skills! Think tone, pitch, inflection and intonation. The experience your sharing may be impressive but if your delivery is off than it’ll be difficult to breakthrough. You want to come across confident, self-assured and competent. In addition to your voice, ensure your environment is free of unnecessary noise and chatter. While it may be tempting to take phone interview in your PJ’s I’d advise against it. When you are dressed clean and professionally it’ll come across in your delivery.

5.   Lights. Camera, Action!

Like the last tip regarding phone interviews you’ll also want to be prepared for online interviews and applications. Give yourself enough time before the scheduled appointment to troubleshoot technology and get your space interview ready. If you’re living in a small apartment like me, find an uncluttered space you can interview that is free of distractions and noise. Try going through a couple of practice runs talking to yourself on camera so you get comfortable with seeing yourself and deal with any unkempt hair or breakfast in your teeth. The goal is to rid yourself and environment of any distractions so you can focus your attention on the interviewer and the questions they ask. 

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