Pt. 2 - (Big) Al on Intentional Intensity: How to View Yourself as an Equal Contributor vs. an Imposter + What to Do After the Startup Phase

(Big) Al shares how vision, focus, intensity, are necessary tools to get us out of the maze of mediocrity. An intense passion and a clear focus will allow us to find our mission, manage our resources and build a team that will impact our world.

We need to operate in our life knowing that we are already overcomers and be grateful for the difficult situations that come into our lives, since these are what will give us the momentum we need to take off in our personal and professional lives.

(Big) Al and I talked about the gifts and strengths that God gives to all of us, and the importance of leaning into them, following the passions and desires that God puts in our hearts, ignoring the judgments that may arise from other people or ourselves about what a good christian should do.

If you are in search of the gift that God gave you, or if you have already discovered it, this conversation will give you the necessary tools to use it to serve and grow, personally, professionally and spiritually.

In this episode, we sit down with (BiG) Al Darnell, Executive Business Advisor, Believer in God, and Entrepreneur whose run-in with a childhood bully led him to a 19-year journey in entrepreneurship; buying and selling multiple businesses.

We chat about how his "Pinky & the Brain" inspired mission to T8K over the world has evolved into a life calling to help people stuck in the "maze of mediocrity" start a business, build it, and blossom it into something that allows them to regain control of over every aspect of their life.

Hence, taking over their own personal universe.  

Pt. 1 - (Big) Al on T8King Over the World + Reclaiming Ownership of Your Life Through Entrepreneurship

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Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff
The Bible
Grit by Angela Duckworth 


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