Vanessa Yu on Redeeming the Time in Different Seasons of Life

In part 2 of our fellowship with Vanessa Yu, we chat about being free from people-pleasing to live to the Lord alone, learning how to lean into your God-given strengths (even when it doesn’t align with your Christian concepts), and why it’s important to be specific and name our feelings to receive REAL healing instead of VAGUE healing.

The truth is the Lord desires that we would magnify Him in our souls, but we can’t do this when we are hurt, damaged and full of weird religious concepts. But when we have a hearing to get to the bottom of why we are the way we are! We can receive freedom and healing from so many things. I'm someone who is very introspective. But instead of feeling guilty about it I can take it to the Lord and give it all to Him and I hope after this episode you can too. 

In this 2-part interview series we sit down to fellowship with Vanessa Yu; sister in Christ, mother of 3, transitioning from chief household officer to Life Coach after the birth of surprise baby #3!

We take a look at the different stages of life from singlehood to motherhood and how every stage is an opportunity to gain the Lord; despite our failures!

If you're searching for ways to make the most of your time in these "evil days", turn off the TV, plug in your headphones while you wash the dishes, and tune into this intimate, wisdom-rich episode with our sister Vanessa.

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Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff
The Bible
Grit by Angela Duckworth 


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