5 Reasons to Job Search During the Holidays

1. Employers continue to hire during the holiday season. 

Although, it’s true that some searches slow down or get retracted, plenty of hiring managers are still scrambling to fill positions before the New Year. There are a number of vacancies with qualified candidates being interviewed and offers being made. So don’t listen to the people who say hiring comes to a complete halt during this season. Which leads to my next point.

2. You’ll have less competition.

Because many job seekers slow their job search efforts around the holidays to travel and spend time with family, you’ll naturally have less competition for job openings you find. In fact, some hiring managers have reported that applications decrease so dramatically that they have trouble finding qualified candidates for jobs that need to be filled quickly.

3. There are more networking opportunities. 

What better time to network than during the holidays when there are many social and business functions going on. You might be surprised who you bump into and strike up a conversation over hors d’oeuvres. Don’t be shy! Most people are willing to pay it forward by sharing a contact or referring you to somebody they know that could help you, especially during this jovial time of year. You might want to consider getting business cards made with your contact information and the URL of your LinkedIn page. Make sure to bring a decent supply with you to pass out to people you meet at networking events and holiday parties. This would also be a great time to brush up on your elevator pitch so you can quickly (and briefly) share your background and what you’re looking for.

4. You may be able to negotiate your start date.

Two weeks notice is average time frame when giving notice to your current employer. However, you may be able extend that out to an even later date, considering there are many employers who close during Christmas and New Years. This could give you extra time to move a start date back for your future employer.

5. A temp job could turn into a permanent one.

If you find yourself in a temporary or seasonal job during the holidays you might be able to keep it! Many employers use temporary work as a form of vetting workers for full-time placements. So, if you currently have a seasonal job and you make a good impression on your employer, may find yourself with an offer after the holiday season ends.


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